Mentoring Programme

When trying to find a mentor, you first need to decide what you need from a mentor  – for example what skills you’d like to develop and what your goals are.  Then consider what characteristics you’re looking for in a mentor.

After that it’s easy, and can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Take a look through the available mentors on this page.
  2. Email Fiona at with:
    – a choice of 3-5 mentors you find suitable (according to the mentors keywords/skills/experience)
    – what your experience/background is (this will help the mentors too)
    – what you expect from a mentor
    – where you’re based, and how you want communicate (face to face, email, skype etc)
  3. We’ll put you in touch with your mentor.

Please note that the mentoring programme is a privilege for UXPA UK Members only. If you are not currently a member, find out how to join UXPA UK.

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We Are AFK

  • UX Coach
  • Lean UX and Agile
  • Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Content Design

I have worked in digital design and production for 15 years from desktop software, native applications and anything that works on the web. In 2016 I started my own company focussed on UX Coaching, teaching others how to use the diverse toolbox of research and tactical techniques I have built of the years and to help business owners and teams think differently about how they solve problems.

I am part of the Happy Startup community, an international network of people thinking about business differently. I focus on creating products and services with a purpose.

I only take on 2 people at any one time for mentorship. Please enquire about my availability.



BCSG and Co-Founder of TrackBeat

  • Lean UX
  • User Testing
  • Prototyping
  • UX research
  • Psychology

As a User Experience Designer with a background in Psychology I have developed myself to really understand the user, through testing and analysing results. My Masters in Human Factors also has helped me become creative in designing the best interfaces for a project, currently a UX designer for BCSG, a design solutions agency specialising in the financial sector. I am also a Co-Founder of TrackBeat – a new way to listen to music with friends. I would love to mentor anyone who is interested in UX, design or research side (or both!) or anyone who just has some questions, will also review any CV and portfolios.

Byron Fernandes

Byron Fernandes
MOO Print Ltd, Senior Experience Designer

  • UX design, strategy & research
  • Freelance & permanent UX roles
  • Workshops & Design Sprints
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • User-centred design

Hello folks! I’ve worked in UX for the past 7 years since getting my Masters in Human Computer Interaction from University College London. I’m currently in a permanent role as a Senior Experience Designer at, which is an online print and design company best known for making premium business cards and stationery. Before joining MOO, I freelanced for 4 years, which gave me quite a mix of experience across businesses and industries, both client and agency side. I’ve loved the variety of my career so far, but I’m not a unicorn – I’ve been happiest focusing on UX design, strategy and research, and I’ve never gone too deep into related spheres like UI, visual design and coding. Check out my online portfolio at to find out more about me and my philosophy, and to see some examples of things I’ve worked on.


Carl Myhill

  • 23 years experience
  • Ethnography/anthropology
  • In-house
  • non-web
  • accessibility
  • Goal-Directed Design
  • Agile
  • London

I’ve been a User Experience Designer for more than 20 years, normally working client side, often on big projects, many of which have not been web-based. I’ve designed Geographic Information Systems; water network resource allocation systems; worked on Police interview recorders and on crime analysis software; designed forestry systems for chain of custody; designed systems for student examinations; designed systems for Rotating Equipment Engineers to analyse vibration in power station turbines; and now work in Technology supporting Investment Research for Goldman Sachs.

For about 15 years I have based my approach on Cooper’s Goal-Directed Design approach; though have adapted this to be Agile in recent years. I’ve found nearly all of my design insights have originated from the anthropology part of the job, so often encourage people to start there. I created an innovation training course within Goldman Sachs, and this too starts with fieldwork.Diversity makes a lot of sense to me as a designer and my current employer also sees the value. I created and run an Accessibility programme at the firm. I’m also an LGBT Ally.

Some of the best UXers I know have no formal background in UX but in case it’s of interest I have a PhD in Applied Psychology (HCI) from Cranfield (College of Aeronautics); a MSc in AI and a BSc in Maths for Business. I’m hopeless at visual design but am ok at commissioning that part of the work and getting it done. I’m a mentoring champion for my group at Goldman Sachs and have gained hugely from my mentors and from doing my best to be a mentor.

Happy to chat to practitioners and people getting started in the field. I’ve mainly worked in-house, or as an independent so can’t tell you much about operating within an agency, but have views on agencies from the client side of things.
I’m based in Fleet Street and also Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Caitlin Ketchen

Caitlin Ketchen

  • UX Strategy
  • Service Design
  • IA
  • UX Research
  • UX Design

I am a user experience specialist, currently working freelance, and have over 6 years experience in both UX research and design. I find that my natural affinity is towards the strategic or service design side of UX, and I enjoy pulling apart a complex problem and working out how to solve it.

I started my design career studying product design and swiftly moved into UX post-university. Since then, I have worked across digital agencies, UX consultancies and in house for a wide variety of clients ranging from public transport organisations to charity and banking.

Having had some great mentors throughout my career, I’m interested in being a mentor to help someone else develop their skills and find their path through this ever changing world of UX.


  • UI, Interaction Design & Visual psychologies
  • Advanced Axure prototyping
  • UX & Usability testing
  • Qual & Quant research tools and methods
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Educated in product design, I co-founded a start-up, invented and patented the technology on which it was based, and helped grow the business to 40+ people over the next 5 years.

I’m currently leading and growing the UX and Conversion Rate Optimisation disciplines at McCann Manchester – the number 1 integrated agency and top 10 digital agency of the North.

Having mentored several account managers into successful midweight UXers and helped visual designers transition into UX, I am now looking to be more involved in the community and mentor outside my organisation.

I am Nielsen Norman Group UX certified with hundreds of hours of usability testing experience. I regularly conduct internal training and deliver my own usability training course to industry. I can offer practitioner support across the verticals of UX (research, IA, Usability, Interaction etc.) but also the critical soft skills and working practices required by industry.

In addition to this, I can advise on the application of these skills for Conversion Rate Optimisation and assist with the emerging practices of copyhacking, persuasive design and web psychologies.

I’m looking for someone who has the passion for UX and the desire to develop their skills, their approach, and how they need to ‘be’. We’ll start by mapping out your current T skills and then look at how we shape these, fill in the gaps, and extend your breadth and depth.

Chris Myhill

Chris Myhill
Just UX Design (UX consultant)

  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • Digital Strategy
  • User Research

I’ve been in the UX industry for about 8 years now – designing websites, apps and all other kinds of digital products.
Though I originally trained as a developer, I soon realised that when it comes to code… I’m not exactly gifted. I loved making things though, and sharing them with real people.

This was how I discovered UX. I found my calling in a field that’s all about rapid prototyping, testing and iteration.
Most of my career has been spent in agencies and consultancies, so it’s given me the chance to work with a bunch of different businesses. From teeny startups to FTSE100 giants like Tesco, Unilever and HSBC.

I bring UX thinking and digital strategy to help teams make better, more useful products.
More recently I’ve been turning my hand to my own ventures ; ‘Just UX Design’, my UX consultancy, and ‘Listmaker’ a new app that well… does what it says on the tin.

I’m based in south London, but my work takes me all over the city. Looking to help people start their UX careers, or learn more about the UX design process.



Experience UX

  • User Centred Design
  • Usability testing
  • User Research
  • Applied Psychology
  • Interaction Design
  • Human Factors
  • 5+ years experience

I started my career in UX back in 2000 when the term UX didn’t exist and no-one really knew what the hell Usability was. I learned my trade by reading a lot of books, asking a lot of questions, and getting things horribly wrong. I started back in 2000 within a large London web agency, then took a human factors role working in voice recognition, before jumping to a Usability Engineer role at the BBC. I took a very serious deviation into Human Factors in air traffic at NATS, before returning back to the comfort of the web agency world again. In 2007 I realised I was a terrible employee and decided to set up my own UX  business and that’s what I’ve done ever since.

What I can offer as a mentor is experience working client side and agency side. I also mentor and train the UX team at Experience UX to be the best they can be. I have a strong focus on user research and believe this should be the foundation of any UX work. If you believe the same then we should get along well.

I am based in Bournemouth and although regularly in London for client meetings, the majority of my mentoring is likely to be via video calls. I’m happy to discuss anything but at the very beginning I’d like to get a clear understanding of what you are looking to achieve through mentoring.

David Bell

Human Factors International

  • Agency
  • Corporate
  • Strategic
  • Management
  • Financial Services
  • 5+ years experience

Likely mentoring:
– UX management, Building UX competency in an organisation (training/standards/infrastructure)
– User-Centred Design process (Business goals, User Research, stages in Design and User Test)
– International teams & projects – techniques/toolsLikely mentees: staff moving to UX roles or UX management.Current Position: UX Strategist for 9 yrs;
– Consulting projects – Engage with business/technical stakeholders to setup and manage UX projects in Europe & South Africa;
– UX management and capability building,
– Strategic projects & Mission critical products.
– Teach User Centred Design and UX management (I19) classes across Europe.Project experience:
– Build UX capability at corporates (tailored UCD processes, standards, infrastructure, skills training…)
– mission-critical applications (multi-role banking for corporates, insurance and banking call-centre, forex)
– hands-on work, including end to end User Centred Design, expert review, user-testing.Mode of working;
– Lead international multi-skilled teams in a technical management role
– hands-on user-research, design and user-testing.


Ed Vinicombe

  • Data analysis
  • UI Design
  • Axure
  • Fast prototyping

My career has spanned over 9 years, working for some of the largest corporations in the world improving customer experiences. On the side, I am the founder of which provides affordable learning for both seasoned and aspiring UX Designers.

Elisa del Galdo

del Galdo Consulting

  • Consultancy
  • Owner

I have been a practitioner of research, design and evaluation for over 20 years and continue to work as a practitioner/mentor when in a Head or Director role. In the last 10 years I have had positions where I have worked with clients on their design strategy, building UX groups and UX infrastructure. I have two areas of specialisation, persuasion, emotion and trust in design and internationalisation/UX for an international market (cultures). I have also been an instructor at all levels for a variety of UX topics, including internationalisation, Persuasion in design, usability testing, user research/insights gathering, contextual inquiry and design.

Esther Duran

  • Service
  • Product design
  • UX
  • UI
  • Strategy

I am a UX-UI, service / product design director and strategist with 12+ years experience.
My fascination for human behaviour and desire to understand what motivates people, their hopes, fears and dreams helps me to comprehend how audiences interact with products and services and how products and services can play key roles in people’s lives. I seamlessly blend physical and digital experiences solving problems that affect usability creating services and experiences that MATTER.

My work is driven by two beliefs: everyone benefits from good design and good user experience and that good user experience and good design is always memorable, effective and beautifully simple. I speak the truth and go the extra mile. I believe that loyalty is more important than politics, and that collaboration is the root of great things.




  • Agency
  • Startup
  • 5+ years experience

I combine UX design with product management. A well designed product is useless unless it ends up being validated, built, and delivered to users. My career has winded through managing large corporate solutions, through pure UX research and design, ending up in leading end-to-end product design and development within a startup. I believe anyone can design for themselves. That’s not a skill. The real skill of a UX designer and product manager is designing and building for other people. Solving users’ problems in a way that keeps them coming back and delivers on business goals. We are creative problem solvers.


Managing Director, cxpartners / Author, Simple and usable

  • 20 years experience
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Consultancy
  • Strategic UX
  • Interaction Design

I began my career at British Aerospace before moving to digital agencies where he introduced UX ‘undercover’ without budgets or permission and grew the discipline into a major part of the agency offering. In 2004 I founded cxpartners along with Richard Caddick and grew it to be one of the most respected UX agencies in the world with 60 staff in London and Bristol. I’m invited to speak at conferences all over the world (something I hadn’t considered doing until a client suggested I should). Good if you want to learn about planning a UX career, undercover UX, managing people, managing change, building a speaking career.


Harekrushna Panda

Senior Consultant (UX Design) at Capgemini India Pvt Ltd

  • User Experience
  • Usability
  • User Center Design
  • Wire framing
  • Heuristic Evaluation

I have 10+ years experience in ux design and usability. I am interested in user study, user analysis, teaching, knowledge sharing and problem solving. I have worked with companies such as HP, Wipro, Target, and Capgemini and I have taken training from HFI and Design Incubator.


Associate Director UX, Code and Theory

  • UX strategy
  • Facilitation & workshopping
  • Product validation
  • Ecosystem / channel architecture
  • User research

I’ve been an interaction designer for the past 8 years, working at various size agencies across the cultural, luxury and publishing sectors, as well as giving talks at conferences and mentoring early stage startups as part of Google launchpad and design students from London College of Communication and Central Saint Martins. I’m keen to mentor junior UX or those looking to move into the field.

I’ve worked on small to large projects such as strategy for Net-A-Porter to Apps for BBC from discovery, through design to delivery, conducting various types of user research as well as full UX design, prototyping and various collaborative workshops along the way. I have managed teams throughout these processes mentoring both UX staff as well as designers and strategists in UX and design thinking and research methods.

Helen Casewell

  • User Research
  • Usability Evaluation
  • Multi-Channel UX
  • Cross-Cultural UX
  • UX Strategy

I am a UX Research Manager. Over 20 years’ experience in planning, managing and conducting User Experience Research. My experience spans the telecoms, retail, health, utilities, insurance, financial and non-profit industries.

Working at a strategic and project level, I support the integration of UX research, design and evaluation across multi-channel and cross-cultural services. I’m currently working on UX for voice and conversational interfaces, and has experience across web, mobile, social media and device UX.

I hold an MSc in Ergonomics (Human Factors of Human Computer Interaction) and a BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology.



James Reeve

  • Visual design
  • User experience
  • Interaction design
  • Creative direction
  • 10+ years experience

As Head of Creative I’m responsible for shaping how Foolproof generates and delivers creative ideas. This means I’m always looking to evolve and challenge working methodologies and practices to drive the studio’s creative thinking, idea generation, reports and experience design recommendations. My role is to provide overall creative direction to the projects and initiatives coming from the entire design studio, from inception to delivery.

Prior to joining Foolproof I worked at top digital agencies and have led many digital transformation programmes for a whole bunch of brands across commercial and government. Many of these projects have been recognised with industry awards. During my career I have been lucky enough to work on many exciting projects and have designed interfaces for pretty much all devices/contexts imaginable. I feel this has given me a very broad understanding of what makes a great experience and the importance of validating these interfaces with users. Getting stuck into a juicy client brief or challenge, and knowing that the products I have helped design are being used out in the wild gives me a kick.

Jason Chan

Jason Chan
Kingfisher Digital

  • Agency
  • Manager
  • London
  • Finance

I’m currently a Service Design Lead at Kingfisher Digital. I lead a team of UX and visual designers in creating omnichannel services. I’ve worked as a UX and Service designer for 7 years, and originally came from a technology background as business analyst and project manager.

I’m a big advocate of user centered approaches and creative problem solving. I can offer perspective from my experiences of the intersection of UCD, creative and technology methods – and the challenges and opportunities that come from it.


Jason Grant

  • Limited company
  • 5+ years experience

I hold a Degree in Computer Science from Goldsmiths College and Master’s Degree in Business Management from Royal Holloway, and I’ve been an Independent Experience Design Strategist since early 2000s.

I have consulted professionals and coached designers at companies like: Amex, eBay, Bupa, Legal & General, Tesco, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, EON, Samsung, Disney, as well as super successful startups like ROLI and Mind Candy.

My expertise sits in a fold over of business, design, psychology and technology. Having formally coached User Centered Design at various institutions, my focus now is on a mission to coach people Design Thinking, enabling them to create Designed Companies, which in turn will create a better world for all of us.

Jess Lewes

Jess Lewes

People for research 

  • Participant or User recruitment
  • User experience research
  • Usability testing

Over 6 years’ experience recruiting people, almost 4 years’ experience recruiting people for UX research and usability testing across a broad range of projects. Name your user, and I can probably give you some kind of insight into the best way to approach your recruitment and a case study to explain how we have recruited something similar. Specialising in recruiting for in-person qualitative UX projects, I also have knowledge on other research tools such as sourcing participants to complete self-moderated research, tree jacks, card sorts, surveys and ethnographic research. I can provide mentoring to anyone new to running user research, or looking to set up regular usability testing.


BBC Research & Development

  • Interaction design
  • Research
  • HCI
  • Prototyping
  • London

I’m a Principal Interaction Designer at Intuit where I lead product design for the UK market. My goal at Intuit is to create delightful products that allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to overcome the burdens of accountancy.

My design philosophy lies at the intersection of two cornerstones: the first is Lean Startup-inspired hypothesis-driven design and the second is application of cognitive science to technology. The real magic of product design happens only through extremely close links between design research that creates empathy for the user, and interaction design methods that allow designers to rapidly experiment and explore many possible solutions.

Before joining Intuit, I was Lead UX Designer at The Telegraph, where I defined Telegraph’s UX strategy for mobile. I was the lead UX for the high-profile project to bring Telegraph’s new news app to the market. I also worked for BBC Research & Development, prototyping future content discovery experiences, and several design agencies on customer facing products (National Rail Enquiries app), B2B platforms (American Express), cloud services (Canon) and smart TV interfaces (Freesat).

I’ve studied Human-computer Interaction (MSc) and Graphic Design. I co-organise London’s most popular design research Meetup – The Research Thing, and speak at research and design events in the UK and abroad.


Transport for London

  • Agency
  • User experience design
  • User experience research
  • CV surgery
  • Portfolio surgery
  • Interview coaching
  • 5+ years experience

I have been a UX designer and researcher since 2000 and passionately believe that the two disciplines must be used together to be faithful to any user-centred design process. I’ve coached, managed and mentored talented practitioners for many years now and it’s the part of my job that I enjoy most. I’m used to working in many different environments, from the creative chaos of digital advertising agencies to the more structured environment of consultancies – and client-side too. Would like to mentor anyone who is keen to get into the field of UX, or is already established and looking to make the next move.



  • Consultancy
  • 5+ years experience / Director

UX is a rewarding and challenging career choice but it’s not always obvious how to make the best of working in this unconventional discipline. As we move through our career new skills must be learned – we may arrive as Designers or Researchers but must also become consultants, salespeople, presenters, managers, leaders and more. Many of these skills we want and some we need. My own career has seen me evolve from Designer to Researcher to Manager and now as Director of Design Research at Thomson Reuters. Throughout I’ve observed and experienced the growing pains of UX professionals as well as the satisfaction of a job well done. I offer a non-judgmental, empathetic mentoring to those who, like me, love working in UX but benefit from support to achieve clarity and confidence – for a pitch a project or a career.

Kevin Fitzsimons

Veritas Technologies

  • UX Research
  • UX Architecture
  • UX Design
  • Enterprise
  • Copy & Content

I’ve been working in UX and related fields for over 20 years, with experience bot agency side and client side, working on products ranging from mobile apps to market-leading e-commerce sites to enterprise software. The common thread through all of these has been user-centricity and how to engage with users to provide better and more insightful input to the design process.


Laura Northedge

Laura Northedge

Next Retail Ltd

  • Agency
  • Corporate
  • UX
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • 10 years Experience

I am a Senior UX Designer and Prince2 Digital Project Manager with 10 years experience designing across desktop, mobile and app based projects in fast-paced corporate and design agency environments. I am experienced in working as a key member of agile delivery teams in heavily regulated industries including utilities and retail as a Design/Studio Lead and as a Digital Project Manager, balancing user needs, business goals and technological realities with a proven track record of improving conversion rates, customer NPS score and channel transformation.

I started off a a print designer, progressing to catalogue production then to web/digital and then to UX and project management which I’ve found has helped me be well-rounded in my approach to UX, problem solving and the digital design industry in general.

My interest has always been in human centred design and the psychology of “why we do what we do” no matter what the medium. As a mentor, what I feel I could bring to the table is the knowledge and experience of how to build upon and share ideas, how to present ideas and create buy-in and how to champion and deliver successful UX projects from start to finish in complex environments.



  • London
  • Newcastle
  • research
  • Entrepreneurial
  • SAAS
  • Director

During 20+ years of working in digital I became increasingly frustrated with the amateurish way that companies were making important design decisions. Personal opinions, hunches and incomplete data were driving experience design. And not User Insight. I started WhatUsersDo to fix this by making user research and user testing BAU.I have already mentored one UXPA member who made a career switch from IT Training and now works at Seren.


Keep It Usable

  • UX and Usability agency
  • 5+ years experience

I’m the co-founder of a Manchester UX agency called Keep It Usable. I have worked with many well known brands (BBC, Unilever, Sony Ericsson, etc) and my personal specialisms are research, psychology within design, ergonomics, and my fellow co-founder is one of the most experienced ux designers you’ll find. My professional qualifications include MSc Human Factors and Ergonomics and BSc (hons) Computing and Psychology. I have my own blog ( and write all the articles for Keep It Usable’s blog. I’ve won awards, guest posted on UX Booth, appeared in The Guardian and contributed to a UX book out later this year. I’ve been in UX a while so I have a lot of contacts – if there’s anything I can’t help you with I’ll know someone who can! I’m down to earth, friendly and I look forward to helping you.

Liz McMahon

Freelance UX Consultant

  • Consultancy
  • 5+ years experience

I am a senior UX professional who uses empathy, creativity and persistence to create great experiences. In my digital career I have worked both agency side and client side, and I’ve headed departments and been part of a team. The common thread is facilitation, helping teams work together to produce the best possible outcome for the user and the business. I’m keen to provide mentorship for first time UX leaders, or those who are moving on from being a UX team of one, as well as anyone new to UX who needs advice!

Liam Hutchinson

  • Stakeholder management
  • Design facilitation
  • Information architecture
  • Service Design
  • Design Thinking

I’m a passionate Digital Experience Architect with a background working working on digital products with traffic ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of weekly visits.

Over the past 5+ years I’ve become adept at working in both large scale and smaller efficient teams, whether they’re co-located or distributed.

As part of a cross-functional multi-disciplinary team I help bring companies closer to their customers via research and with the creation of user first solutions that meet user needs & drive ROI for the business.


Mia Kos

  • Planning and running workshops
  • Qualitative user research
  • Interaction design
  • Estimating and running design projects
  • Presentation skills
  • Consulting and negotiation skills

I’m a freelance UX consultant currently working as a Senior UX designer at Sainsbury’s Digital lab. I have over 8 years of experience of delivering design projects.

Before becoming a freelancer I worked for an experience design consultancy cxpartners, where I worked for clients from different sectors, among others Spotify, Hertz, Public Health England and

I’ve worked in-house, in a consultancy, as a freelancer and briefly as a Product Manager. I can tell you about the pros and cons of each and help you figure out what would work best for you.


  • Human-centred design
  • Prototyping
  • Workshops
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual design

I am a User Experience designer based in London.  I am a creative problem solver, passionate about what people are doing. What I care about is trying to understand how we, as human beings, take decisions and actions all the time. I love changing and adapting to new environments, this is why I have lived, worked and studied in Italy, Portugal and England, often seeking for new challenges.

I am currently working at Future Platforms, where I develop digital products across multiple channels. Some of my clients include Domino’s Pizza, Glastonbury and Premier League.

I gain insights from research, create scenarios and user flows, run workshops and develop concepts, always using an iterative design approach ranging from paper sketching to digital prototyping. I test, iterate and validate with users at every stage of the process and I work closely with developers during production.

In my free time I constantly try to catch up with the latest technologies and techniques; I improve my skills going to meet-ups, UX events and trainings organised by the UX community, such as Ladies that UX and Mobile UX. Last year I undertook three courses organised by IDEO and I obtained the NN/g UX certification.

I find mentoring challenging and exciting; last year I helped two people move into a junior UX position. I am open to help and mentor people that are relatively new to the sector and/or want to make a transition into UX, trying to be as useful as my mentors at the time I started.

Micha Nicheva

Service Design Consultant at WAE / Globant

  • Service Design
  • Workshops & Co-Creation Sessions
  • Qualitative Research
  • Prototyping & User Testing
  • Working with developers

I’m a London-based Service Design Consultant with over 5 years of experience in UX, design and branding. I like solving problems and shaping technology to fit humans. My experience ranges from strategic discovery work to fast paced design delivery projects for clients in retail, finance, transport, non-profit and government. I love creating products that make a difference. My most exciting challenge to date was redesigning the website of The Metropolitan Police and making a wide range of their services digital.

I wasn’t always a designer, my background is in linguistics and interpreting. I love travelling, languages and different cultures, but most of all I love collaborating with curious people from various disciplines. Service Design is an exciting place to be, and as someone who transitioned into it from a different career path, I can help new starters with direction and advice. Very happy to meet face to face or to mentor people remotely.

Michael Rawling

Michael Rowland

  • Research: user & usability research of all sorts inc. usability testing, user research/insights gathering, contextual inquiry, requirements gathering and stakeholder consensus.
  • Product & application design: objective-based/goal directed design, information architecture, interaction, tech & product innovation
  • Making it happen: ux in the trenches, Rapid product prototyping, front-end tech and ux guidelines
  • It’s a team sport: ux coaching, workshop facilitation & pairing
  • Methodologies: Agile UX, Lean UX, Extreme Programming, UCD, Design Thinking and Continuous Creative Integration
  • Learning/training: fine art, photography, design and psychology
  • Big picture: Personas, vision & strategy and public speaking

I’m the Lead Product UX at, a social media video company, part of the News Group International, based in TechCity, London. My professional experience in UX and UI development dates back to 1998 and since then I’ve explored new ways of more effectively realising the massive potential that technology offers and that each product starts with. I’ve consulted on, designed, engineered and led such teams and initiatives for Konami, Wiley Publishing, UK’s National Lottery website,, LoveFilm and Granada/ITV-UK and Toyota/Lexus.

I’m at @hedshot on Twitter and takes a lot of photos.

Marc Downer

Marc Downer

  • Agency
  • Experience Design
  • Strategy
  • Research
  • London

I am an award winning Experience Design Director, currently based in London with over 8 years commercial experience in designing customer experiences for companies like Vodafone, Orange, Natwest, AXA, Thomson Reuters and Silverstone to name a few.

I have talked at events including, News:Rewired 2012 at the MSN headquarters where I was part of the User Experience Panel talking to 200 industry professionals such as HSBC, The Times, Channel 4 and The Guardian to name but a few and I have also talked alongside Google at an education seminar.
I am a strategic thinker that delivers world-class experiences for users around the globe.

I am a leader, a teacher and an advocate within the User Experience sector and thrive on creating new experiences for brands that want to truly deliver the best customer experiences possible.

Marion Duncan


  • Service Design
  • Lead
  • Agency

I’m  a service design lead with more than 10 years of experience in branding, user experience and new media. I have worked on a wide range of projects for global blue chip companies, delivering customer-centric experiences while leading creative teams and managing client relations. My recent project was launching a fitness service using wearable technology, publishing a mobile UX trends and business strategy report for one of the largest manufacturers and creating new ways to improve the digital customer experience for one of the top 5 UK retail banks.

Mike Jongbloet

UX Lead, Deeson

  • User experience design process
  • User research and testing
  • Working with clients
  • Digital agency life
  • Running projects

I work as a UX Lead for Deeson, a digital agency based in London. I also have other roles leading projects and coaching the business in our agile processes. We design and build interesting websites, apps, chat bots etc. for interesting clients.

I’m a user experience designer and thinker with more than a decade of experience. I’ve covered a lot of ground in the digital industry working in design, architecture, content, development and project management. I’ve worked both agency and client side. Building strategies and solving problems through user research, design workshops and iteration. I’ve sat on the leadership team at a digital agency and led teams of designers, developers and architects.

I’ve mentored  juniors previously, but happy to be a mentor for any level. I’m happy to chat to mentees through video chat or face to face (although that may not always be practical with my location).


Oliver West

Arkitex ( and

  • UX Strategy
  • Lean UX
  • Startup founder
  • Global experience
  • Team management
  • 18yrs experience

A UX lead with 18 years experience for some of the worlds biggest names.  Based in Brighton but experience with running large scale UX projects across Europe, North America and Asia.

I have experience with big budgets as well as no budgets so lean UX is a specialty.  I also have experience client side as well as agency with a recent stint as Head of UX for MRM Meteorite, a customer experience agency within the McCann Worldgroup network.

As a mentor I can help guide you through the maze and pass on some of the knowledge I’ve gained through the 18 years of my career.



  • Design research
  • UX strategy
  • Experience design
  • User centred design
  • 10+ years experience

Over the last I6 years I’ve been designing digital services for many companies in different sectors and countries. Please find out more about my background and experience at’m a continuous learner, I know from my own experience that you could learn and master anything you want, if you have enough motivation and curiosity. I believe that “Learning by doing” and getting the right feedback is the best way to gain confidence and improve your skills.As your mentor, I’ll support you in your journey to master UX skills, I’ll give you shortcuts, tools and advice in achieving your career goals. I’ll coach you to identify your strengths, define a plan with clear outcomes and keep you accountable to it. If your are passionate about UX and are ready to commit to this journey, I’ll be more than happy to help.

Patrizia Bertini

Patrizia Bertini
Wipro Digital  and DesignIT

  • UX research
  • research design
  • UX strategy
  • facilitation & workshop design
  • co-creation & participative design
  • user testing
  • accessibility & usability

Active in the international digital field since 2000, I’m interested in revealing and understanding people’s emerging behaviours and attitude and how technology is influencing and affecting their experiences. Curious and passionate about participative design, creativity, and the experience economy, my goal is to find better ways to generate ideas through the understanding of us, human beings interacting with systems and environments. I’ve worked for 8 years as a freelance consultant and user researcher in Italy before moving to London. In Italy I worked on projects focusing on Accessibility in the areas of education, CA, transportation, Public bodies, and finance. I also combine a sound experience as a researcher gained at London School of Economics, ITTK (Hungary) and various European institutions. On Twitter at @legoviews.

Philip Morton

Principal Consultant at Foolproof

  • 6+ years experience
  • Careers advice
  • Line management
  • Coaching and mentoring

I work at Foolproof, where I lead design and research projects for the likes of HSBC, Sony PlayStation and Virgin Money. In my time at Foolproof, I’ve helped over a dozen people develop their skills through line management, coaching and mentoring. I can be of most use to people in the early stages of their careers.



Pearson Education

  • Design thinking
  • Design strategy
  • User reseasrch
  • Service design
  • Interaction design
  • Product development

I’m a UX lead at Pearson Education who is passionate in shaping the future of education by designing global learning services and products. Previously, I worked in Shanghai heading up the UX team at Education First designing the learning experience for kids.

I took an unconventional journey to UX with a background of Computer Science with Business and integrated my passionate in design with technology. As a result, over the last 9 years I have worked for various industries with multiple roles delivering digital solutions to market including the Ubuntu OS, Orange apps, Wall Street English and Education First’s apps and platform. I believe that it’s possible for anyone to make a career transition to UX so want to share that experience with others and give them that confidence to make the first step. After all, I made that leap with the help of my mentor from UXPA!

Renato Fillinich

Renato Fillinich

  • UX research
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • In-house and agency side
  • East London
  • Start-up

Hi, I’m Renato and I’m a UX researcher. I have a solid academic background in Cognitive Psychology and Human Computer Interaction, as well as 4+ years work experience as a UX researcher.

My professional experience is varied, having worked at a UX agency (Fluent Interaction), at an EdTech start-up (RefME), and currently working at Google London.

I enjoy planning and executing research studies to uncover user and business needs, and I strive to do it in a methodologically rigorous way.

Riccie Janus

Accenture Digital

  • IT Consulting, SAAS and outsourcing
  • 5+ years experience

Currently at Accenture Digital as a Design Consultant, my expertise spans across UX research, interaction and visual design. In my spare time, I lecture on the full UCD process at undergraduate and postgraduate level (e.g. University of Westminster’s MA Design for Communication). My experience includes publishing, education, healthcare, HR, hospitality and travel with previous projects for PenguinRandomhouse, Cisco, Springer, Ogilvy, ELLE, V&A. I really enjoy fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, especially across disciplines.


Samantha Davies

Samantha Davies

  • User research
  • User testing
  • Workshop planning and running
  • Career advice
  • Research culture
  • Interview preparation

I’ve been practising as a User Researcher since graduating from UCLIC in 2010, with experience in-house and agency-side, in both the public and private sectors as a permanent employee and also as a contractor. I’ve run research on a global scale for services, products and everything in between. I’ve worked in start-ups and large organisations, which I think has given me a deep sense of organisational idiosyncrasies and a good sense of what success looks like, peppered with learnings.

As a mentor, I can provide clarity about the inner functioning of different organisations to help you understand the perks and pitfalls you can expect when looking for your next role. I can also provide support on how to find a research style that will work for you and your team. I’m based near Old Street and would prefer to meet in the mornings or to have monthly / fortnightly calls.

Sandra Meek

Sandra Meek

  • Project discovery & UX research
  • Facilitation & workshopping
  • UX Design
  • UI & Visual Design
  • Agile Product Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Agency & in-house

I have wide-ranging experience in digital design, which in recent years has focussed on user experience and interface design for digital products and services. I have worked on projects for financial service providers, retail giants and non-profit organisations; conceptualising, enhancing and transforming their digital offerings.

Currently I work as a product designer at FutureLearn, an online learning platform where I lead design for the team working on partnerships with education providers and wide-reaching public education projects.

I’m keen to help junior and mid-weight designers with their career journey, and can do so in person (London-based) or remotely.


The Student Social Club Ltd and Nomvula Design Services Ltd

  • Digital Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Onboarding
  • Design
  • Product development

I’m the founder of The Student Social Club and previously to that worked with several other startups, other consultancies and in-house experience teams. I’m extremely passionate about knowledge sharing and before setting up my business I did a a lot of courses (realising some major knowledge gaps!), as well as running my own workshops to help others. Since having two business coaches and mentors of my own I’ve realised the positive impact it can have and wish I had done it sooner.


Applied Intelligence

  • London
  • Agency
  • Usability
  • Research
  • Psychology

Head of User Experience at BAE Systems, voted number 4 in the ‘Top 100 UK Digital Agencies’ in 2016 (eConsultancy). I have over 10 years experience in usability research and service design across a wide range of industries including maritime, healthcare, publishing, entertainment, Government, telecoms, finance and retail. My passion lies in applying the Human Centred Design process to deliver products that solve real problems for real people.

Scott Smallman


  • Lean UX and agile
  • UX research
  • User testing
  • Workshop facilitation
  • GDS standards and assessments

Scott is a Senior User Experience Designer and User Researcher at Valtech. Over the last several years he has been involved in delivering successful user-focused products and services in the private and public sector for Government including the Skills Funding Agency exemplar ‘Find an apprenticeship’, the ‘recruit an apprentice’ service and Civil Service Human Resources ‘Recruitment Platform for Government’. An advocate for Agile and Lean UX, Scott is focused on how a team can deliver digital products and services that are created through learning using evidence-based research and iterative development with user needs at the heart of any design or business decision.

Sebastien Powell

  • London
  • Startups
  • Visual Design
  • UI / UX
  • Front-end

Founded Previously Head of Design at Adrain. Entrepreneur First alumni. Currently working on, and co-organising product design conference



  • Form design
  • UX presentations
  • Freelance
  • 5+ years experience
  • London

I’m a freelance Interaction Designer who has worked for the government, agencies and start-ups. I’m actively involved in the design community, where I co-organised UX Camp London and UXDO, a series of practical workshops for designers. I’ve given a number of presentations on a broad range of design subjects for diverse audiences of professionals, including a presentation on hermeneutics for designers at UX Brighton and designing with time in mind at EuroIA.I’m happy to help people who are just getting started in UX or have recently moved to London, people who want to get better at preparing and presenting (UX) presentations and those interested in form design.

Simon Raistrick

Measure & Transform

  • Consultancy
  • 5+ years experience

My background includes user research, CX design, IA, project management and strategy, and I’m actively involved in usability international standards.I specialise in Customer-Centric business, Customer Experience strategy, large Customer Experience programmes and improving operational processes to improve Customer Experiences, and these are the areas which I’d be interested in mentoring in.I have an informal style, and I’m based in London/ Surrey.

Stephanie McNee


  • Digital telecommunications
  • 5+ years experience

Strategist and Researcher of Cognitive Systems / Human Factors Specialist with 9 years of experience in User Research, Strategy and Design Innovation. Experience across multiple platforms of products ranging from safety systems in Healthcare to Consumer Products. Extensive knowledge of cognitive systems human factors principles, usability testing, and design research methodologies with proven record of integration of these skills into the design process. Practices center on establishing clear and concise usability guidelines, POV’s, and recommendations for multiple product portfolios. Human Factors expert in both software & hardware interfaces focusing on an optimised holistic user experience from a tactical and strategic perspective. Vast knowledge of the product development process and the successful integration of human factors, research insights, and usability principles within each critical phase of product development.

I am a senior UX researcher working at a London based consultancy. Experience researching on a range of platforms mobile devices, desktop, TV. Skills are in a variety of methodologies/areas: research, workshops, personas, ethnography, information architecture. Over 5 years of experience in UX.

Suki Beg

Suki Beg
RS Components Ltd

  • Design research
  • Interviewing and User Testing
  • Card Sorting and Tree Testing
  • Participatory and Field Research
  • Workshops
  • 9+ years

I’m a London based user experience researcher and designer, with a background in information architecture. I’m currently client-side, having previously worked for an agency.

Over the years,  I’ve championed a culture of feedback to democratise user research, nurture design thinking and remove silos, in the technology e-commerce, finance, central government, green business and non-profit sectors.
Projects I’ve worked on include complex, task-focussed search, checkout and booking interfaces, as well as emotive experiential products like community, campaign and product pages for clients like Sony Mobile, Yamaha, Arup and RS Components.

I’m available by skype or for meetings in the Kings Cross Farringdon area, particularly if you’d like to discuss:
– feedback on your cv or portfolio
– research methods
– stakeholder engagement
– facilitation and moderation skills

Swetha Sethumadhavan

System Concepts

  • UX research
  • London
  • Workshops
  • ethnography
  • Information Architecture
  • 5+ years experience

I’m driven by my curiosity in understanding people’s needs and behaviours as well as her passion to try out new technologies. I’ve built up a strong portfolio of experience, working on a wide range of projects across mobile, web and connected TV platforms. I’ve successfully led and delivered a variety of projects that have involved concept evaluation, information architecture, persona development, usability and user experience evaluation using a variety of methodologies from lab sessions to more contextual research such as diary studies and home visits. I hold a BSc in Software Engineering and an MSc in User Interaction Design. Prior to starting my career in UX, I gained experience as a front-end web developer. My background in development inspired me to further understand how people use technology, with a focus on if their needs are met.I also put my sociable side to good use, helping organising the Research Thing, a meet up for fellow UX geeks. I regularly attends UX events and was also a recent committee member for the UK chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA UK).


Tarah Srethwatanakul

We Are Experience (WAE)

  • Service design
  • International research
  • Content strategy
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Agency-side

I’m a service designer and researcher based in London, with experience across Europe, Asia and North America. Over the past three years, I’ve had the chance to work on projects ranging from managing the digital re-design of a global news service to doing ethnographic research at construction sites across France. My clients include blue-chip companies such as Amex, Nespresso and Zurich, as well as public organisations like the London Metropolitan Police.

Outside the office, I’m also involved with Ladies that UX and have given talks on designing for behaviour change.

I’ve had some great mentors over the years (including one from UXPA!) and am keen to mentor graduates starting out in service design, as well as researchers who are moving agency-side or are new to London. Happy to meet anywhere around Farringdon or Holborn areas.


  • Interaction Design
  • 5+ years experience

I’ve been a user experience designer for 10 years and been involved with web and mobile design since 1993. I’m focused primarily on conceptual design, taking insights from research and developing concepts, user stories, user journeys, information architectures and interactive design frameworks using sketching, prototyping, low and high fidelity detailed design up to graph design and delivery to build partners. I also have responsibility to develop UX strategy and have experience in globalisation, business strategy and managing delivery teams.

I’d probably be most useful in the area of conceptual design and developing those concepts into interaction design artefacts (prototyping, wireframing etc) and deliverables, if that would be useful to anyone.


Yongjie Chen

Retailmenot (previously Fjord/Accenture)

  • User Centred Design
  • Qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Usability & Accessibility
  • Wireframe & Prototype including HTML & CSS
  • Human Computer Interaction

I have around 5+ year User-Centered Design experience with MSc in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I have expertise in applying core User-Centered design principles, usability, and accessibility to a broad range of complex and diverse business scenarios.

I am currently working at Retailmenot as UX Designer, leading UX Design & Research work on some projects. Previously, I have worked for Fjord & Accenture as Interaction & Service designer. During my time there, I have worked on many Agile projects in different industries to help deliver User-Centred Design solutions. I have strong empathy for users, and am great at conducting user research, extracting user insights and apply the insight to design. I create and iterate design based on user research insights and customer data. I can use different design tools such as Axure, Sketch, Invision, HTML & CSS etc., and quickly gain competence in using new design tools.

The clients I have worked for on projects as UX Designer/Service designer including two leading British Banks, one leading Chinese Bank, two of the largest British government departments, leading DIY retailer, leading mining company (link to the project) etc.

During my spare time, I like attending all kinds of Tech/Design/Startup meetup/talks/Hackathon to learn new things and to meet new people in London. Last Hackathon I went to is for the charity Royal National Lifeboat Institution hosted by Facebook in November, 2017. I learned a lot from all kinds of events I went to in London and I would like to share my experience and learnings with others.

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