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What AI means for UX


6:30 pm

Sainsbury's Head Office, 33 Holborn EC1N 2HT

This night will cover how AI, chatbots, drones and UX are working together to transform the field.

While old world companies are still figuring out the cloud and trying to understand what to do with all their data, a chasm is forming between the user experience of the Web and Artificial Intelligence. We explore this chasm with Tom who will talk about chatbot brains; then James will share how visual design is key to iterating the design of AI engines; and Pae will finish with where Drones are taking engineers with capturing building data.

This event has been curated by Tim.


The evening will run as follows:

18:30 – 19:00 – Networking with drinks and nibbles

19:00 – 21:00 – Presentations

21:00 – 21:30 – Networking


What AI means for UX - James Clemoes, Machine Learning Engineer, Cambridge Consultants


AI opens exciting new avenues for user experience and is already transforming the field. We explore the landscape of UX for cutting edge deep learning systems, exposing the challenges and opportunities for designers and engineers in partnership.


The Role of UX Design In AI - Tom Woodel, Lead UX, Saberr


History repeats itself, as more and more companies venture into the world of AI and Chatbots, there is very little consideration of the end user. The challenge is to find a way to test these systems before we implement them. How do we gather the valuable insights we need just like every other aspect of design. Come and see how we approach AI and Chatbot design at Saberr.


How to enable a 7 year old to control a drone like an expert! - Pae Natwilai, Founder and CEO, TRIK


Most robotic technology is created by highly technical engineers, resulting in highly trained operators having to use them where a high degree of skill is required to change programmes. But what if we could develop robotic technology based on the user, instead of the creator? Imagine what a 7 year old could do with a drone, just simply because they have a simpler user experience. TRIK has embraced this challenge by redesigning the whole process of using a drone for building structure inspection, by generating interactive 3D models and 3D reports for engineers to assess risk and structural decisions.


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