Mentoring Programme

The UXPA UK Mentoring programme is for anyone who has an interest in usability, user experience, user centred design, accessibility or whatever the most recent buzz word is.

Please note: The mentoring programme is now a privilege for UXPA UK Members only. Find out how to join UXPA UK.


Regardless of whether you are the mentor or the ‘mentee’, everyone has something to gain and learn.

The benefits of joining the programme include, but are not limited to:

  • An opportunity to improve your learning
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Enhance peer recognition
  • Develop professional relationships
  • Opportunity to reflect on own practice

Mentoring can be a short or long term relationship.  This relationship must have purpose and progress.  It is a partnership with a clear start and end date where a more experienced individual supports the learning and development of a ‘mentee’ in a specified area.

UXPA UK is offering this website as a platform where mentors (become a mentor) and mentees (find a mentor) can connect. We also provide supporting materials such as a contract and guiding principles.  To learn more about how to setup and run a mentoring relationship see Setup your mentoring meetings.



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