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Designing for great learning experiences


18:30 - 21:00

Pearson Education, 80 The Strand, London, WC1V 7BH.

Think back to your days as a student (or maybe you are a student at the moment) – did your experience as a learner live up to expectations? Did it meet your individual needs? Did you have topics at school that you were originally enthusiastic about, but then the system squashed your enthusiasm? How did it compare to other experiences you have as a user?

Traditional approaches to education have a reputation for squashing creativity and being designed to promote those who are good at committing large amounts of information to memory. Education platforms, materials or tools are likely not what comes to mind when you think of amazing user experiences. This is changing – with UX research and design driving exciting changes for both education tools, materials and platforms, as well as in how courses are structured and taught.

This event will look at how treating education as a service that can be built around the needs of the learner is changing things for the better, and uncovering new challenges for researchers and designers as they work to deliver much needed change to the education industry.

Curated by:

Rachel Liu, Lead Experience and Service Designer Pearson Education


At Pearson Education, we design for learners across the globe, at all ages and stages of their learning journey. This increases the complexity of the design process, as there are a diversity of needs to take into consideration. Rachel will present a case study on how she manages this complexity in  assessment – from methodologies employed, visualisation of insights to  translating user insights into a more meaningful service offerings.

Ruth Vakrat, Founder & CEO Sputnik Education


Education is a big topic. But what happens if you approach it like a UX project? If you dig deep and remove layers of dogmas and ‘this is how it was always done’?

What will you find if you really break learning into the core components, then clear the table and start over with one goal in mind – how can I make learning effective, efficient and delightful for my end-user and the industry?

At Sputnik, for the last few years, our team did exactly that. In this talk, I will share what we found and how we started re-imagining education for the new era we are living in the world post the Forth Industrial Revolution.

About Ruth

My name is Ruth and I have over 10 years of experience running extensive User Experience research & design projects for companies like Microsoft, Barclays, Jaguar & Land Rover, UK Government, ARM and more.

For the last three years, I and the team at Sputnik worked on researching ‘Learning,’ with a focus on the Tech Industry refining, adjusting and testing the effectiveness of our methods.


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Fergus Roche, One Big Field / Department for Education


How user research shapes government policy. Practical tips, approaches and lessons learnt from inside the Department for Education.

Fergus has been working in digital for nearly twenty years and as a UX consultant for over a decade. He’s worked and run UX at design agencies and client-side across a wide range of sectors from retail to finance to charities to travel. Two years ago he was ready to quit the industry. Working in government has changed all that.


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