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Small drugs, big problems – why healthcare needs UX


6:30 pm

Unruly, The White Chapel Building, 10 Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 8DX

When was the last time you felt ill and needed assistance from a healthcare organisation, but the experience to get there led you to being frustrated and resulted in ranting to a friend or family member? This month we explore the complex world of Healthcare, where Adrian will talk about the current state of play with mobile health apps; then Maneesh will share his thoughts around why UX is pivotal to the future of healthcare; and conclude with a double-act from Liberty and Kyle who will discuss how real-world medical products can bring significant outcomes when re-designed with the user at the centre.

Adrian Bussone, City University - Evaluating mobile health apps: A case study of BeYou+


In recent years, discussing best approaches for evaluating mobile health, or mHealth, apps have been a hot topic. But how do you go about it on a budget? In this talk, Adrian will describe a case study from a recent mHealth evaluation consisting of three approaches. She’ll cover the pros, the cons, and the workarounds.

Formerly a designer and researcher of medical and healthcare devices, Adrian is now working to complete her PhD in Human Computer Interactions. Her research is focused on developing tools to support people living with HIV in self-managing their health. She also loves puppies, Excel sheets, and international standards.

Maneesh Juneja, Digital Health Futurist and TEDx Speaker - UX can save lives: Why healthcare needs to incorporate UX


The NHS seems to lurch from one crisis to another. Some think the problems can be solved by having more doctors and nurses, others think the answer is simply adding in layers of emerging technologies, and many just call for more funding. Few consider the potential impact for great UX to save lives. In this talk, Maneesh will be taking you on a tour of the forces reshaping healthcare, arguing that in order to have a sustainable NHS, the healthcare system needs to incorporate UX.

Maneesh Juneja, a TEDx speaker works as a Digital Health Futurist and explores the convergence of emerging technologies to see how they can make the world a healthier and happier place. He has one bold vision that drives him: Finding ways to use data to improve the health of 7.5 billion people on Earth. Based upon his extensive research into global trends, he shares his provocative ideas about where technology is taking us and how it will impact everyone in society.

Liberty Fearns and Kyle Loughlin, Native - The Mighty Hammer of UX


Let’s take a journey through UX and its role in transforming products, businesses and lives. Using real-world medical examples and parallels from other industries, we’ll show how great design puts users at the centre of innovation, and explore the future for our discipline and the tools of our trade.

How do we create the best possible user experiences that ensure our innovations in products, services and business are successful? What does it mean to create great UX within the medical field? How do we create trust, desire and a better lifestyle, as well as adherence and better outcomes?

Graduating with a BA Hons in Product Design from CSM in London, Liberty joined Native in 2009, becoming a vital part of the multidisciplinary design team. As a project lead she ensures all members in a team work together to create beautiful products with a great user experience at the heart of their success. Multi-talented, Liberty has worked on wide array of projects ranging from automotive UX, medical devices to consumer electronics and large-scale service innovations. Liberty is a passionate designer with a creative flare for innovative design, and a high attention to detail.

Kyle joined Native in July 2010 shortly after graduating from Northumbria University studying Design for Industry. Since then, Kyle has run the gamut of what Native has to offer, leading diverse major programs across medical, automotive, consumer electronics and telco service innovation in emerging markets. A highly creative design leader at Native, Kyle brings together holistic programs with multi-disciplinary teams to create world class solutions. Kyle has a strategic and analytical mind able to pivot from business and creative strategy, to usability and the detail of form, material and process, to new service opportunities and brand alignment. Kyle’s skills span the whole design process from user research to concept generation, development and prototyping.


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