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What happens next in UX design?


18:30 - 21:00

DigitasLBi, 146 Brick Ln E1 6RU

Many of us are busy designing screens, clicks, and taps … making things incrementally easier. But, some people believe we are just recycling the same designs on those screens, and until we make human computer interface more human we will not get any fresh innovation.

If the last and only great leap forward in HCI was the GUI, what will the next one be? Will we recognise it when it arrives? Will you recognise it?

Come and listen to two speakers who have been considering and debating these fascinating questions.

This event will be curated by Paul.

Date: Thursday, 16th February 2017.


18:30 – 19:00 – Mixing and mingling with drinks and nibbles
19:00 – 21:00 – Presentations
21:00 – 21:30 – Networking

Pete Trainor - Don’t Do Things Better, Do Better Things


Due to the way civilisations progress, we are about to observe more change in the next ten years than in the last hundred. But, how do we prevent this acceleration from eroding away our humanity? As transhumanism becomes increasingly an everyday thing, ask this: do the interfaces we’ve designed add more layers of confusion? When we strip away all those screens, what are we left with? The same thing we started with: people. Incorporating data collected from one of Nexus’ TechnoselfStudies, Pete Trainor takes us back to the fundamental questions that drive us all, and through a journey of design philosophy, he asks one simple question, the one we have asked through all times… why?

Pete Trainor is a digital designer, author, accidental polymath, mental health campaigner, and founder of Nexus Design in London. He talks all over the world on data driven technologies and the effects on their audiences. His recently-published, bestselling, book “Hippo – Human Focused Digital” takes a philosophical look at technology and design, challenging us all to look inwardly at the self when designing experiences for other people.

Pete also sits on the executive committee of The British Interactive Media Association, lobbying government on data and privacy issues.

He has a very simple mantra: Don’t do things better, do better things.

Ben Hart - What is going to happen post digital and why should we care?


In a post digital world our relationships with technology and everything digital become so normal that using “digital” as a term of reference or descriptor becomes meaningless. In a post digital frame, we are required to reconsider the more human notions of appeal, desire and attraction. Too many interruptions? More content? Alerts, and so on? If digital is everywhere and everything how can we appeal to the heart as well as the head and what people really care about? In this session Ben will talk to coming back to the fundamentals of consumer behaviour and relate these to a post digital world – inspiring thought around what next might look like.

Ben Hart is a strategist and thought leader with a track record of success in growing digital businesses and helping brands and organisations realise the potential available to them in a world increasingly full of change.

Ben is the founding partner of Atmosphere, a business futures practice that offers strategic consulting to help people in business navigate to a more rewarding future, while bringing to bear a uniquely broad perspective of digital opportunity. Ben is a professor of marketing at Hult International Business School, speaks widely at industry events on topics including employee engagement and digital futures, and was previously a tutor of the Institute of Direct Marketing’s diploma in digital.


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