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An Evening with Rolf Molich


18:30 - 21:00

MOO, 20 Farrington Road, London.

In our careers, many of us will have conducted, or been impacted by the results of usability evaluation methods such as heuristic evaluation and especially user testing. If we have, then we have been influenced by the pioneering work of Rolf Molich.

Rolf began his career in 1983 (sorry for reminding you, Rolf) and pioneered so-called ‘discount’ usability inspection methods.

In 1990 he co-invented the Heuristic Evaluation method with Jakob Nielsen which is one of the most commonly used inspection methods and beginning in 1998 coordinated the delivery of the world-recognised Comparative Usability Evaluation studies which continued until 2014 – with possibly more to come.

Rolf delivers talks and workshops at a number of international conferences which consistently score highly from attendees. In 2014 here in London, Rolf received the UXPA Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual UXPA Conference to recognize 30 years of excellent work to improve usability of systems and webpages.

On this evening, over two talks, a man who has been described as a ‘living legend of Usability’ will share his knowledge with you, our audience.

Hip, Hip Heuristic?
The heuristic inspection method is now 25 years old. Can it really still be relevant and useful when applied to today’s technology? Rolf will present the original rationale for the method’s development, how it should be correctly applied, will confront its limitations and conclude by discussing whether after 25 years, is it better or worse than usability testing?

Risks of Usability Testing
Risk is the chance that an unwanted situation arises which has serious consequences. Usability testing is more and more important for organisations, it is used more widely and can become quite expensive. Minimise exposure to any risk by attending this interactive session where Rolf will present and discuss examples of risk in usability testing.


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