Mentoring Programme

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who will support and encourage someone to manage their own learning and maximise their potential. A mentor acts as a sounding board and provides help with changes, learning opportunities, career advice and advice on attitudes and perceptions. A mentor is NOT a manager.

If you want to become a mentor, email Leo at We’ll then send you some information to get you listed and started on your UXPA Mentor journey.

You should be a mentor if you want to:

You shouldn’t be a mentor if you want to:

  • Help develop confidence in others
  • Share knowledge
  • Gain insight
  • Get personal satisfaction
  • Lead by example
  • Develop yourself
  • Exercise power
  • Feel popular
  • Get free work
  • Socialise
  • Sell

Traits of a good mentor


  • Ability to analyse and understand how to measure performance
  • Ability to motivate
  • Treat things confidentially


  • Ability to give feedback, listen, question and prioritise
  • Ability to offer counsel, and be trustworthy


  • Desire to help and volunteer
  • Be approachable, positive, flexible, open-minded, and self-critical

Next Steps

If you want to become a mentor, email Leo at for more information.

All mentoring relationships will adhere to the UXPA code of professional conduct.


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