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UXPA UK Committee Elections – Get Involved in 2018!

The (UXPA UK) committee is made up of enthusiastic volunteers from the community. As an organisation we’re constantly growing and evolving. There will be some changes during 2018 and we need your support to continue our work! We are looking …

The (UXPA UK) committee is made up of enthusiastic volunteers from the community. As an organisation we’re constantly growing and evolving. There will be some changes during 2018 and we need your support to continue our work!

We are looking to fill in the following committee positions:

You will need a passion for UX and/or events, a commitment to seeing the UXPA UK succeed and grow, and a real desire to support colleagues in the industry. Being a committee member does require a reasonable time commitment and the standard term is 2 years. Committee members do not receive any personal remuneration, but it is a truly rewarding and social experience!

Getting involved is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and experience to help our industry. You’ll get lots of opportunities to meet like-minded people, it will help your CV and most importantly it is fun too! If you are motivated to help and have a few hours free each week then we’d welcome your help.

Each role will be filled by an individual who has been appointed by a voting process. Nominees must be UXPA UK members – as must voters. Membership will be checked during the process. Details on the election process and a summary of committee and role descriptions are below.

In addition, we are looking for Project Leads to support areas including, but not limited to:

Project Lead roles are not full members of the UXPA UK committee and do not hold full voting rights. As such, they do not require the same level of commitment, but carry many of the benefits!

Summary of the Required Commitment of Committee members

  • If based in London, attend a minimum of 8 monthly committee meetings a year (currently 1st Wednesday of month in the evening). Meetings are held in-person or remotely.
  • If unable to attend a meeting in person, a written role update should be provided ahead of the meeting.
  • For all roles apart from Events Support, if based in London, attend a minimum of 6 of our regular monthly events a year (3rd or 4th Thursday of month in the evening).
  • Organise speakers for, or host, 1 to 2 events per year.
  • Decide the theme and format and secure speakers for the evening.
  • Organising an event requires roughly 10-20 hours; logistical assistance is provided by the Event Manager.
  • Encourage growth in your specific area of responsibility which will vary from role to role.
  • Actions and commitment will vary from role to role and from month to month.
  • You should allow about 10 hours per month.
  • All roles require some initiative. You should bring your own ideas on how to fulfil your role best with suggestions from the committee and the community.

UXPA UK objectives:

  • Ensure the organisation meets its objectives, and that it acts in the interests of the organisation’s beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that all the rules in the constitution are followed.
  • Promote the benefits of membership and participation.
  • Secure sponsorship and discount options wherever possible.

A summary of the responsibilities for each role is provided below:

UK Liaison

  • Communicate with potential speakers or workshop facilitators for our regular monthly events.
  • Take every opportunity to let fellow UX practitioners know about our presence and successes, promoting UXPA UK across the UK.
  • Seek out collaboration opportunities, and manage relationships with other London UX communities.
  • Liaise with other non-London UX communities in the UK.
  • Assist in the recruitment of, and maintain relationships with, a network of UXPA UK Regional Project Leads.
  • Work with UXPA UK Regional Project Leads to arrange UXPA UK branded or supported events across the UK.

Academic Liaison

  • Seek out collaboration opportunities, and build relationships with academic partners.
  • Identify and communicate with potential speakers or workshop facilitators for our regular monthly events from the academic sector.
  • Keep up to date with academic courses being offered and have a working knowledge to advise prospective students of UX related courses.
  • Increase student engagement in UXPA activities including: attending events, volunteering and assisting in committee activities.
  • Represent students and recent graduates at committee level within the UXPA UK.

Events Support

  • With support and guidance from the Events Manager, the primary responsibility of the Events Support role is to co-ordinate the planning and ensure the smooth running of UXPA UK events. including being available on the day of each event.
  • This will involve being available on the day of and attending the event. Events for 2018 are scheduled to be held in the evening (18:00 – 21:00) of the 3rd or 4th Thursday of the month for approximately 100 people.
  • With assistance from the Events Manager, liaise with the venue to ensure facilities will be available and the event space set-up as required.
  • Co-ordinate with the Events Manager to ensure that food and drink is set-out at the venue in time for the event. Note: The Events Manager is responsible for ordering food and drink for the event.
  • Ensure badges are printed for all registered attendees and are delivered to the venue or collected from the printers.
  • Provide an attendee register to be used on the evening.
  • Manage volunteers for each event, allocating responsibilities, providing detailed briefings and monitoring completion.

UXPA UK Regional Project Leads

  • Represent existing, or create new, UX community groups outside London and represent their interests at committee level of UXPA UK.
  • Examine ways in which UXPA UK can collaborate with these groups in terms of offering mutual support for events, sourcing speakers from outside London and developing our network of mentors.
  • Work with UK Liaison Officer to arrange UXPA UK branded or supported events across the UK.
  • Applicants for the Regional Project Lead will be expected to:
    • Define their catchment area.
    • Outline the extent of the UX community in their area, such as number of companies, their area of expertise and any specific area of interest.
    • Suggest potential venues for meetups or events.
  • In return, the UXPA UK committee will consider requests for financial support in establishing and supporting these groups, including assistance in organizing and supporting regional events under the umbrella of UXPA UK.

Want to get involved, but not sure you suit those roles?

While some roles do have set responsibilities, individuals do have flexibility to tailor the duties to suit their expertise or area of interest. Applications for other named roles which are not part of the current Management Committee and Project Leads will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The applicant should make their own case for the role and apply using the normal process.

What is the process?

If you would like further information on the responsibilities of being a committee member or would like to discuss a specific role in more detail please contact before you submit your application. They will direct your query to the relevant committee member.

To apply for a role, you will need to prepare a short written application, which should be emailed to before the nominations close on Thursday 23rd November.

The application should cover:

  • Your vision for the role (max 200 words).
  • Your goals for the 1st year of your term (max 150 words).
  • A summary of your related experience (e.g. role specific experience, voluntary experience or previous UXPA UK involvement) (max 200 words).
  • A short biography (200 words)

The key dates for the election are as follows:

  • Nomination Open: Thursday, 9th November 2017.
  • Nomination Close: Thursday, 23rd November 2017.
  • Voting Opens:  Monday, 27th November 2017 Thursday, 30th November.
  • Voting closes:  Friday, 1st December 2017 Friday, 15th December.
  • Notification to applicants:  Monday, 4th December 2017 January 2018.
  • Notification to community: Thursday, 7th December 2017 January 2018.

The successful applicant will be the applicant with the highest number of valid votes. The current UXPA UK President and Vice-President will adjudicate and will have the final say on whom is appointed to the positions.

Good luck!

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